I come from a family of actors, singers, dancers, comedians, musicians, directors, choreographers, writers and some circus folk. Generations of them. There’s no way I could have done anything else.  My first school performance was of the ABC’s where I showed everyone my underwear; silky with butterflies on them – it’s always been important to me to make everyone feel comfortable. My community theatre was a professional opera company. Mom signed me up for modern dance when I was 10 years old with a bunch of college students. I believe that was where I began my affinity for “the awkward”. Graduated from The Hartt School where I studied Musical Theatre and Improv.  Immediately moved to NYC where I learned that I had won the lottery with my beautifully priced, three bedroom apartment that actually had window screens. I’ve sung in 49 states and a lot of countries to hundreds of thousands of people. I am an upcycling, only child, Leo, Dragon, Redhead.  My spirit animal is the otter. My password on everything is cHaraKtrAcTR. My motto is “I make it work” and I will always make space for a double-take.

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Gatorbowl Parade
“All Over Again” from Ring of Fire
Alhambra Theatre

Trailer Park
Flan Stand scene
Mason Street Warehouse

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